13 अग॰ 2015

The Lotus-hearted Blogger: Neeraj Kumar

Introduction of Neeraj Kumar

I started blogging in year 2008 publishing my Short Hindi Poems. Gradually I became an Internet Marketer and the blog left behind. 

I have been missing that part of myself- my soft lotus heart...

I have been missing my blogger friends...

So now just before the eve of Independence Day (15th August 2015) I am starting afresh. I have made a resolution that I will write for You and for Me here.

Strongly For You. 

Whenever I will be ultra happy, ultra sad, ultra angry I will write and share my emotions.

And I hope You will pardon me for being absent so long.

This is like #BackToBasics.

This is like pouring my heart to You, for You.

I'm Sorry, my Gurus!

I'm Sorry, my Friends!

I'm Sorry, my Fans!

I am back and back Strongly for You.


Neeraj Kumar