23 अग॰ 2015

God is the personal Influencers.

Idolizing or worship of idols are the most important trait of human being, especially Indian Public. It started, I think, with the secret behind unknown.

What we did not understand became God.

And God was shaped and reshaped for the convenience of a few who were clever. Those shapes became things of worship.

Yes, there are power and energy which is beyond the reach of our little mind. But it has no actual shape of God. 

Then some persons having unique qualities, became ideal personalities, they started influencing thoughts and behavior. We stared then idealizing and idolizing.

I have once written a poem on God, about My God.

I know it is revolting and against the general perceived notions. But the God in general form is a person who overpowered our mind and emotion, who tells how to behave and how to do good in life.

So I say no to abstract forms of God, there are so many people who teaches and guide me to practise Karma, Love and Life.

Thanks a lot
Strongly Yours Neeraj Kumar.